SIKA-R...AS - Application: Monomer Filtration

GKN Sinter Metals offers the chemical processing industry porous metal-based filters and components for a various applications, all designed to ensure world-class process and the highest quality end products, at a competitive price. In polymer manufacturing and for the production of viscose rayon, our sintered metal productswork harder, perform better, and operate longer than other marketplace options.

Polymers, or synthetic resins, fibers and elastomers, are manufactured through the processing of intermediate chemicals such as ethylene, propylene, butadiene, benzene and paraxylene. Using GKN porous metal structures in the polymer manufacturing process provides you optimum performance while maintaining cost efficiencies.

GKN's porous metal filters are used in as:

  • Monomerfilter (SIKA-R...IS /...AS)

  • Prepolymerfilter (SIKA-FIL)

  • Polymerfilter (SIKA-FIL)

  • Spinnerette Filter (SIKA-R...AX / B)

  • Air quenching (SIKA-R...IS / B)

  • Air flotation bearing for films (SIKA-R...IS

GKN's porous metal filter provide

  • high mechanical strength with ductility

  • good corrosion resistance;

  • high-performance filtration;

  • well-defined porosity;

  • controllable permeability from low to very high fluxes.