GKN spargers are available in several stainless steel alloys (standard is AISI 316L) as well as in nickel based alloys or titanium.  Pore sizes from 0.1 – 200 µm are available.

All spargers come with customer designed connection, ready to be installed. They are used in industrial installations as well as in food- and beverage-plants.

There are two different ways for efficient sparging:

For dynamic sparging gas is pumped through a porous SIKA-R...IS tube direct in to the pipeline. Using the velocity and turbulence of the flowing liquid, dynamic sparging is one of the most economic and efficient sparging systems. Due to the shear effect, extremely small gas bubbles are separated from the porous tube wall.

Static sparging is usually used in batch productions and/or lower quantities of liquids. Designs with only one sparger as well as Christmas tree shaped manifold designs are possible.

GKN also offers the new seamless bended tube down to min 400 mm diameter! Therefore also areas close to tank walls can be sparged efficiently.